Aquaholics join Mornington Peninsula Masters Swimming Club

During the 2020 COVID lockdown the Aquaholics explored the option of starting a Masters Swimming club on the Southern Peninsula. In the process we discovered that another group of swimmers based at Hastings/Crib Point had the same idea. After several meetings it was decided that rather than start a separate club we would join the newly created Mornington Peninsula Masters Swimming Club (MPMSC). This was ratified by the group after a recent Sunday morning swim. This means that we are able to immediately be involved in coaching sessions.

Coached sessions are now available at Crib Point Pool.
Coached open water sessions will be held at McCrae beach refer to map on the "Find us" page.

I have setup a booking system, so please click on either link Rosebud/McCrae or Crib Point.
There is no need to book through Crib Point for coached sessions! Please use this link.
It’s a free booking app, and it only allows me to plan a few sessions ahead, so please bear with me.

At this stage the sessions are:

  • Mon 6pm-7pm – McCrae Beach. But subject to change with tide conditions, weather etc.
  • Wed 6:30am-7:15am – Crib Point
  • Fri 8:30am-9:15am – Crib Point

At McCrae, I will coach either from the beach, the water or a kayak.
Of course, Covid-19 protocols will be in place.
If these sessions fill up, I will look to opening more sessions.
Please let me know if you would like an alternative session.
Prices will be:
·         Visitor $8
·         Masters Member $7.50
·         Masters Member (Concession) $6.50
These prices have a component that goes to the swimming club.
I will send an invoice, and some Covid instructions when I receive your booking.

I look forward to seeing you at either the pool or the beach

Rob Wilson


MPMSC Beach meeting