McCrae to Dromana

It's been talked about for years along the lines of, "When the weather is perfect and we organise cars at each end ...blah blah blah." But on Sunday the 26 March, Roz, Anne-Marie and Julie adopted the 'Just Do It' approach. They now go down in history as the first group of Aquaholics to swim from McCrae (our usual starting point for a Sunday swim) to Dromana Pier. Conditions were perfect with very calm and windless conditions. Well done!

McCraeDromana 4745

Aquaholics to the core

An end of season lunch at Montalto winery proved to be wetter than going for a swim. Sheltering from pouring rain under an umbrella with hoodies and blankets on, Karen and Des proved they were true Aquaholics - not a glass of wine in sight!

Winery 4769

Sorrento 2017

Plenty of Aquaholics turned up to do the 2km swim at Sorrento in January.
Perfect weather, calm seas and an outgoing tide made for an enjoyable swim.

Whilst the swim was the easy part - Roz found getting the wetsuit off to be a bit more difficult.

Sorrento 3210w Sorrento 3213w

Sorrento 3218w Sorrento 3222w Sorrento 3225w

Planning for Hamilton Island

Being serious athletes a lot of planning goes into interstate swimming trips. This requires meeting at the Blue Bay Cafe, ordering the obligatory coffees and then working through the list of supplies.
"How many bottles of wine do you think we need to order?"

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