Too old to learn?

Christmas presents come in many forms. For me it was a half day coaching clinic with Brenton Ford at Effortless Swimming. The clinic also attracted a broad range of swimmers of varying ages who were predominately interested in improving their swimming for open water events.

The clinic started with a variety of stretching and strength exercises before we hit the water. Once in the water we worked through a range of exercises aimed at improving technique. I found it hard to get a sense of how well I was incorporating those techniques into my swim stroke until the GoPro was brought out.

Brenton filmed each of us in action and a few days after the clinic we were able to download an edited and reviewed version. I found this to be quite informative and have been mindful of Brenton's comments when I have been in the water since the clinic. I probably need to go back and do another clinic to see whether or not I have been 'too old to learn'.

Ian underwater