New Mascot for the Aquaholics

It appears the Aquaholics have a new mascot. Unlike most Schnausers we've seen, this one loves the water. Like Barry she also enjoys cuddles and treats at the Blue Bay Cafe after a Sunday morning swim.

 Mascot w

Too old to learn?

Christmas presents come in many forms. For me it was a half day coaching clinic with Brenton Ford at Effortless Swimming. The clinic also attracted a broad range of swimmers of varying ages who were predominately interested in improving their swimming for open water events.

The clinic started with a variety of stretching and strength exercises before we hit the water. Once in the water we worked through a range of exercises aimed at improving technique. I found it hard to get a sense of how well I was incorporating those techniques into my swim stroke until the GoPro was brought out.

Brenton filmed each of us in action and a few days after the clinic we were able to download an edited and reviewed version. I found this to be quite informative and have been mindful of Brenton's comments when I have been in the water since the clinic. I probably need to go back and do another clinic to see whether or not I have been 'too old to learn'.

Ian underwater 

Long Distance Events

Many Open Water swim events offer the option of a long distance event.

At Lorne this year the famous Pier to Pub race was augmented with the first 5km swim. It was won in an amazing time of just under one hour with approximately 100 entrants participating. 

Mount Martha Australia Day Swim (MMADS) again offered a 5km swim in addition to the 1.2km event. This year two Aquaholics, Donna and Ian, completed the course. Donna backed it up by coming 4th for the 1.2km swim. An awesome effort! By comparison Ian went home for a nap.

This year, Sorrento SLSC  added a new event to their Bay Swim - the ELITE 4000. This was for advanced open water swimmers to test their skills against the tide for the first half of the race and definitely not for inexperienced swimmers. The organisers expect the race to be the equivalent in effort of a 7km swim. Again, Donna is entered in both swims. Go Donna!

Chivalry Alive and Well

At the recent Mornington Swim Event, Mark was coming out of the water when he spotted Rhonda and helped her run to the finish line. It was only later that Mark learnt Rhonda's grandaughter, 13y.o. Alicia, had beaten his time by 1 second. Rhonda strongly denied any suggestion that this was a pre-planned strategy. Mark is rumoured to be rethinking his race strategy for next year. Maybe Alicia will be able to help Mark get to the finish line? And what a brilliant effort by up-and-coming Alicia! Well done all.



Burleigh Heads

When Corrinne and Mark spent the weekend with his cousin and family at Burleigh Heads in late January, Mark took part in the Burleigh Heads Swim Run event which included a 400m swim and 3.8k run. (L-R: Mark modelling the latest in swimwear and accessories including an ankle timer; about to enter the water for the swim leg (400 laps of the blue pool); on the run leg.)


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