Time to Party

It's that time of year and there is no better way than to celebrate after a Sunday morning swim than to have coffee and cake at the Blue Bay Cafe. With the water temperature around 19 degrees the number of swimmers has increased significantly as has their supporters. Young Jackson is there to cheer on his mum, Julie. Some would suggest, unkindly perhaps, that his big motivation for showing up is only matched by the size of the scone he orders. It's also an expensive morning when Corinne and Karen have ordered up big after their walk to Anthony's Nose and back as they follow the swimmers along the beach. Monday night training, Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning swims will continue over the festive season in preparation for many who are signed up for Lorne Pier to Pub and a number of Bay swims. Best wishes to all!

BlueBayCafe w

Winter Blues

Whilst some thought that Winter meant heading for the warmer indoor pool at Rosebud, Des, Michael and Mark persisted with the regular Wedneday evening and Sunday morning swim. Michael and Mark continued to swim in the Bay at McCrae throughout Winter and with the water temperature currently around 11 degrees they certainly come out looking bluer than when they went in. Not sure whether they need to be congratulated or referred for counselling. In the meantime Des, Ken, Barry, Robyn, Roz, Jeff and Ian have been ploughing up and down the Rosebud heated pool before heading to Blue Bay Cafe for coffee and cake...the real reason we get out of bed early on a Sunday.


Aquaholics revel in 2014 Swim Noosa

Noosa2014 38kmstart 7405

Aquaholics were extremely well represented with 7 swimmers (+ team manager Corrinne + financial manager Debbie) leaving Melbourne's cold weather to head to warm, sunny Queensland for the 2014 Swim Noosa event held on the 26 April. We all met for lunch the day before to discuss tactics and review the course. Most headed for a short training swim to try and aclimatise themselves to the wonderfully warm waters (approx. 8 degrees warmer than Port Phillip Bay) without the need for a wetsuit. Bliss!

The day dawned sunny and warm with a 0700hrs start for the 3.8km event (top photo). Donna and Ian were the two Aquaholics who entered the water in front of the Life Saving club for the 1.9km swim out along the point to Tea Tree Bay beach. An out-going tide was some assistance until the return leg by which time the tide was in full flood and Ian found a few of the buoys took a long time to get past. Donna came second in her age/gender group and Ian a very relaxed 14th.

By this stage the 2km swim waves began at 0800 from Tea Tree Bay beach. Aquaholics were represented by Maree (2nd), Julie, Anne Marie, Nellie and Mark. Well done with everyone achieving great personal performances and combined with the weather and great company everyone came away a winner. It was a wonderful way to finish the season's open water event calendar.


(L to R: Maree, Nellie, Donna, Anne Marie & Julie)

oldguynoosa2014                           BondiVet

Ian proving you're never too old to embarrass your kids.                                   Bondi Vet's Dr. Chris Brown muscling in on the action at Noosa